Organize & Thrive Summit Schedule

Celia Heritage

Putting a stop to overthinking

Niamh Corcoran

Letting go of Items

Alex Coward

Decision Fatigue

Carole Hallett Mobbs

Decluttering YOUR way

Julie Miller Davis

Time management

Becky Anna-Marie

Meal planning & prepping

Sushmita Jain

Using the Notion app

Kirsty Leitch

Relief from Emotional Overwhelm

Sian Hill

Emotional attachment to items

Debi Barr

Meditation for calm

Gemma Baxter

Time management

Marshall Burtcher

Impact of emotions on energy

Tessa Gray

Making the most of clothes you own

Jane Leach

Home redesign

Lucy Woods

Practicing mindfulness

Nicolette Wijers

Overcoming overwhelm

Liam Arthur

Task prioritization

Martha Brown

Time management