Discord Server Setup – Sparkle Package

Done for you Discord server set up for your community. This package is ideal for medium sized and growing communities.


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This done-for-you package is perfect for elevating your community. Designed to add extra sparkle and flair to your Discord server, you’ll enjoy advanced features like enhanced organization of channels, extra customization, bot setup, and a comprehensive welcome message. With the Sparkle Package, your community will sparkle brighter than ever before.

  1. Server Creation: Establish a new Discord server with a standard setup
    1. Includes: 5 categories
  2. Channel Setup: Create essential text and voice channels for communication
    1. Includes: 20 channels total
  3. Roles and Permissions: Define basic roles with standard permissions.
    1. Includes: 10 roles
  4. Customization: Implement basic customization with your brand’s colors and logo. Note: All images must be provided.
    1. Includes: Profile image, 25 custom emojis, 5 stickers.
  5. Welcome: Craft a personalized welcome message for members as they join
  6. Community Guidelines: Develop detailed community guidelines for member conduct.
  7. Bot Integration: Integrate bots for moderation, utility, and engagement.
  8. Verification System: Implement a verification system to enhance server security.
  9. Training: Up to 45 minutes basic training via Zoom for server administrators and moderators.
  10. Support: Access to my library of Discord training videos for both server management and how to navigate Discord as a member.
  11. $10 off coupon for one month of Sparkle Support.