Discord Server Setup – Radiant Package

Done for you Discord server set up for your community. This package is ideal for larger communities.


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This done-for-you package is where luxury meets functionality. The Radiant Package offers unlimited categories and channels, advanced customization, and tailored engagement strategies. You’ll have a magical community that is customized, personalized, and sparklized!

  1. Server Creation: Establish a new Discord server with a standard setup
    1. Includes: Unlimited categories
  2. Channel Setup: Create essential text and voice channels for communication
    1. Includes: Unlimited channels
  3. Roles and Permissions: Define basic roles with standard permissions.
    1. Includes: Unlimited roles
  4. Advanced Customization: Enhance server customization with more intricate branding elements. Note: All images must be provided.
    1. Includes: Profile image, 50 custom emojis, 5 stickers, custom font for channels, banner background (*note: you must boost your server), and invite background (*note: you must boost your server).
  5. Welcome: Craft a personalized welcome message for members as they join
  6. Community Guidelines: Develop detailed community guidelines for member conduct.
  7. Community Engagement: Develop and implement engagement strategies such as events, challenges, or contests.
  8. Advanced Bot Integration: Integrate specialized bots for advanced moderation, games, or other functionalities.
  9. Verification System: Implement a verification system to enhance server security.
  10. Training: Up to 1 hour basic training via Zoom for server administrators and moderators.
  11. Support: Access to my library of Discord training videos for both server management and how to navigate Discord as a member.
  12. One month of Sparkle Support for free.

*To boost your server and unlock more customization options, you will need to subscribe to Discord Nitro ($9.99/mo). I will guide you through this.