Here you will find resources specific to the Prepare portion of the POTION Framework.

Overwhelmed to Organized Trainings

Trello Edition

An introduction to and walkthrough of the project management system Trello and how it can be beneficial in getting your home under control.

POTION: Prepare Edition

This part of the POTION Framework goes over tips and tricks in preparing to organize the various areas in your home. 


Visual Preferences

Discover how you want each area in your home to look and feel.

Complexity Preferences

Discover how you want each area in your home to function.

Area Audit Walkthrough

Learn how to utilize the Area Audit Blueprint to prepare for organizing.

Guest Speaker Recordings

Using AI to Envision a Space You Love

Terry explains how the 12 Archetypes relate to our preferences and how to use AI to infuse your area with your personality while still maintaining the organization and efficiency of a personalized organizational system.

Soulful Spaces – A Journey to Intuitive Connection with Your Home

Stella explains how to tune in and hear what your items, plants, and home are saying when it comes to organization and design to ensure that your space is truly safe for and a reflection of your soul.

The Law of Attraction in Real Life

Melissa explains how our minds and emotions are more powerful than we think and how to work with this universal law to begin to manifest what it is you desire.

Printable References

Area Audit Blueprint

Home Audit

Daily Planner

Annual Overview

Weekly Task List