Chaos to Calm - Your Home, Your Way

free 3-day challenge reveals how to create a space in your home that is uniquely yours and sparks joy

July 15-17, 2024

Are You Stuck in Chaos?

Wouldn't You Rather Your Home


Day 1

You will figure out exactly how you want your home to feel. 

Day 2

You’ll decide how you want your home to function. 

Day 3

Discover how to leave overwhelm at the door and get ready to bring in order.

Note: While this is a 3-day event, the content will be available for longer to ensure that you are able to proceed at your own pace!

About Your Host:

When Chelsea was a child, she quickly discovered her passion for organizing. Oftentimes she would reorganize her bedroom while her parents slept, relishing in their suprise upon walking into the room the next morning. Chelsea thoroughly enjoys the challenge of looking for new, more efficient layouts, solutions to problems, and organizational systems everywhere she goes. She’s even the go to organizer at her day job, taking care of setting up the warehouse and office space. Though Chelsea is very passionate about organizing, she is even more passionate about helping people and changing lives. With this in mind, she started Get Organized with Glitter Chemist, hoping to expand her reach and help as many people as she can bring to restore the sparkle to their home and soul.

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