Reclaim Your Home

Crafting Calm From Chaos

♦  Bring order to your space, your way

♦  Release the guilt and embarrassment

♦  Feel comfortable in your own home

Personalized systems for personalized spaces


Create habits that allow you to:

  • Gain control over the clutter
  • Have a household that works with you 
  • Know where everything is at any given time

Confidence & Pride

Have every room in your home:

  • Look like a reflection of you
  • Feel comfortable, inspiring, and safe
  • Function in a way that supports your lifestyle


Never again will you feel:

  • Like a failure
  • Overwhelmed walking through the door
  • Frustrated that your space is constantly a mess

Work With Me And Have Order Your Way


It is up to YOU to decide how you want each area of your home to look. Here, you’re not put into a box and told how to order your home. Rather, you are guided to embrace your preferences, even if you are a:

  • Minimalist
  • Collector
  • Or anything in between


Your home should be your safe space, where you are comfortable and able to be yourself. Everyone has a different definition of comfort, including:

  • Spacious
  •  Cozy
  • Or somewhere in between


With your unique lifestyle, your space should support rather than hinder. In order to do that, your systems should match your life, where it’s:

  • Very detailed and specific
  • Very vague and loose
  • Or a happy medium
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Stop forcing yourself to strive for a specific system!

How many have you dismissed due to the emphasis on getting rid of everything you don’t need or have ultimately collapsed because they aren’t sustainable with your household’s lifestyle? Through the creation of a more scientific approach to developing, implementing, and maintaining your household organizational systems, the societal view on “organized” is rejected and your household’s lifestyle is embraced. 

At Get Organized with the Glitter Chemist, you are provided with the tools you need to assist you on your journey from overwhelmed and frustrated to organized and calm. Chelsea understands that each individual is unique in every way, including how they desire their home to look, feel, and function. There is no one-size-fits all solution here. She will guide you towards figuring out what your personalized system should be, rather than stuffing you into an organizational box like many others try to do. Boxes are for items, not people.

Whether you relish in the minimalistic lifestyle or are comforted being surrounded by items you have collected, you can rest assured that you will finally be able to not only develop and implement organizational systems within your home, but also maintain them long term. With the proper tools, you can turn your fantasy home into a reality, leaving behind the overwhelm and frustration. 

Put a stop to trying to stuff yourself into society’s organizational box. Develop systems that actually fit your household’s lifestyle, reflect how you want your spaces to look, and feel comfortable to you.

Through the utilization of various tools, such as courses, strategy planning sessions, and accountability, setting the systems up in your home becomes much less overwhelming and more attainable.

As the system has been intentionally designed to reflect you and your lifestyle, they will work with the household rather than forcing the household to constantly work for it, making them last long-term.

What Others Are Saying

Chelsea Perry of Glitter Chemist is an amazing teacher! She takes big concepts and breaks them down in easy to understand ways, and not only that, she’s great at getting your creativity sparked. There is no reason to stay stuck in your “mess” when you can tap the Glitter Chemist for getting your spaces feeling resonant and happy, so you could be feel peace and love in your home!!!

♦ Lindsay B.

Chelsea has the coolest way of describing different home décor personalities! I have never liked or cared for the tedious work of decorating, cleaning and maintaining a home but she makes it fun and playful! Her creativity is inspiring and I am actually motivated to work on my house, to make it a home!

♦ Valerie S.

I am in this group with Chelsea and I just have to say, she will help you in ways you can’t even guess. We can all Google how to do XYZ, but to have someone so brilliant and perceptive zero right into both how you need assistance tackling a task and make it feel both easy and fun to make your home more enjoyable for you?? Magic, I say. Check it out 🙂

♦ Kate L.

Meet Chelsea, the Glitter Chemist

When Chelsea was a child, she quickly discovered her passion for organizing. Chelsea thoroughly enjoys the challenge of looking for new, more efficient layouts, solutions to problems, and organizational systems everywhere she goes. By day, she is the Research and Development and Quality Coordinator for a crafting paint manufacturing company, where she specializes in helping create glitter paints. It was here that she earned her Glitter Chemist nickname! She’s even their go to organizer, taking care of setting up the warehouse, laboratory, and office space. Though Chelsea is very passionate about organizing, she is even more passionate about helping people and changing lives. With this in mind, she started Get Organized with the Glitter Chemist, hoping to expand her reach and help as many people as she can bring back the magic and the sparkle in their homes.


At Get Organized with the Glitter Chemist, I offer a variety of ways to work with me! Currently available are printer friendly templates, free challenges, courses, power hours, private sessions, and my membership, but I am always looking for new options to add!

No, I currently do not offer any in home services. All of my services are virtual so that I am able to reach more people and help them create their own systems that work for them, rather than creating systems for them.

That varies greatly! The amount of time it will take is dependent on how much time you have to devote to actively working on it. We go at your pace and help you work through any blocks that might come up, whether emotional or physical. But everything is done on your timeline.

While you certainly can, it is not necessary. I will work with you to figure out what you have on hand that we can make work! You’d be surprised at how much you will already have in your home once you apply a little creativity into the mix.

By working closely with you, asking lots of questions (sorry, not sorry), and observing what your lifestyle and preferences reflect, we make sure that your systems are created to fit you. No two people are alike, and no two systems are alike either!

While I understand the feeling, having been there myself, there is no need to be! Get Organized with the Glitter Chemist is a safe and supportive environment. I have lived in absolute chaos, so I approach each person with compassion and empathy knowing what they are going through personally. And, of course, all personal details are 100% confidential!

I currently do not offer follow-up or maintenance services for my private sessions or power hours. However, I do offer accountability and provide numerous ways to help with maintaining your systems within my membership.

Bring on the challenge! As a Chemist, I love a good challenge and enjoy experimenting, so I apply this approach to any space I encounter. I will help you brainstorm creative ways to make your unique space work with you!

It’s not a problem! There are plenty of ways to design systems that are not permanent and are renter friendly. You don’t have to own to work with me!

Work With Me


Printer friendly templates to help with taking back control over your home.

  • Checklists
  • Shopping Lists
  • Habit Trackers
  • Planners
  • and more!

Free Challenge

A fun and simple introduction to my system based on:

  • Discover how you want your space to look and feel
  • Determine how each area should flow with your lifestyle
  • Learn how to begin creating systems


For those who enjoy learning on their own and want a deeper dive into:

  • Picking systems that will work for you
  • Preparation
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance
  • and much more!

Power Hours

With direct access to me in a texting platform, you can get:

  • Guidance on planning & preparation
  • Tips & tricks
  • Help selecting bins/baskets/etc.
  • Feedback on how to utilize your space
  • Brainstorming for creative solutions

Private Sessions

In these private video calls with me, we will take 1 hour to:

  • Pick a room to focus on
  • Break the room down into areas
  • Set goals for each area
  • Go over any potential obstacles
  • Develop a personalized action plan


Within this membership you will have constant access:

  • A supportive community
  • Accountability
  • Strategy calls
  • Access to all courses
  • and so much more!